What is “Financial Independence”?

Photo by Burst on Pexels.com

Where you have been working and now stopped? Or are you going to start working?. Then this article is for you. Irrespective of gender, we might have taken some break in between our careers and our lives, to get settled, adapt to the new changes, and maybe even try out something new. But taking a break is always a better way to get a new start. But have you felt powerless when you were on your break? Then you would have understood the right meaning of financial independence.

“Money is a tool used properly it makes something beautiful; used wrong it makes a mess!”-Bradley Vinson. These days we know the price of almost everything, but how good are we in understanding the value of something?. Financial Independence simply means, are you able to pay your own bills? are you able to pay for yourself, your needs, etc? It gives you the freedom to choose, the freedom to be flexible. It doesn’t mean that someone is a lesser priority than someone else. Don’t interfuse something else with financial independence. It is something we should educate our kids from a very young age. In that sense, they will be able to take care of themselves at any point in life. Not depending on your partner doesn’t mean you are arrogant, if someone says so, keep your ears and eyes away from them. It is important to keep your goals high and focus on the point, to reach a level where you do not need to look at the price before you buy something. Being successful in taking care of yourself might be hard at the beginning but it will be fun and trust the process. It is going to fruit one day.

Life is a mess, and nothing comes free of cost. So teach them how to use the most important and dangerous tool we have in this 21st century. It will empower them rather than having a frustrated life. I started working since I was 17, different jobs, different profiles, different places, none of it mattered when I took care of myself and kept my head high. Every job is a learning procedure, and every minute you invest in a new job will be awarded some day if you work hard. And taking care of myself has always given me inner peace, that doesn’t mean I was not happy during my break. I was happy when I took break from my career, had a wonderful break time but when it was time, it was time to chose something new, a new feather to my hat, a new job, a new place, and a new kingdom to build.

Whatever be, Let me remind you this!

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