Take a leap of faith and say Lumos❤️

It was good to go out after a long time. It is always an amazing experience to explore more and more and to learn new things. Traveling is not always my forte, but this trip changed my view towards traveling. A nature ride that changed my life. Sometimes it is better to get a different perspective, the smell of nature and the ride through grassy lands watching nature move with you!

Photo by Kaique Rocha on Pexels.com

The ride was not a planned event, it just happened. Sometimes unplanned events are better and this trip proved that it was true to the core. We started biking around 10 in the morning and almost covered 25 km of ground. We went along with nature, even though that is an understatement, but let us put it that way. I am going on a bike trip for the first time. As I mentioned it was not a planned trip, so when we saw the weather was good we just thought it would be good to go on a trip, and by the time I realized that we were on the road. And it was one of the other fastest decisions I took.

I am not good with my driving skills, to be frank, I even fell a couple of times from my bike and it was horrible, so I never thought it was possible. So as usual I was not optimistic about the plan, but now as I am on the road, there is no going back. Never give up, right. That’s what I tell everyone, so I thought to take a leap of faith. My partner is always my strongest support pillar, so whenever I lose hope he is my best comfort. So, when he gave a “Go” I thought “Why not”, let’s try it, we will never know until we try. So we began our ride.

It was not that interesting in the beginning as we were climbing a bit with the bike and I had a gearless one, so for me, I found it really hard to climb even a small height. I was even pissed at the start, but when we started driving more and more to the village, I started feeling like I am seeing the “Epic” movie, which is indeed one of my favorite animated movies. It is not a great one, but it is kinda fun to watch it, to see the fairy queen and the fight between the leafman and the boggans. I felt the same, when the wind blew I felt that the leafmans are flying around and the war between the fairy kingdom is happening around.

Once the riding kicked in, I started becoming confident, and when I looked up at the sky I even felt that the sky is decorated with green and along with leaves the fairy queens flying around. It looked like trees were giggling when the breeze came in. We drove next by the fields where ponies were gazing and even they looked happy as the sun is smiling, maybe even sometimes winking 😉. We drove 15 km in one stretch. All three of us driving in a single line, a great family bonding and a nature bonding time. By the time we reached the village we were hungry and we got a couple of Tosti’s and coffees. I got an ice cream as well because I felt like the situation was asking more for ice cream too, it might sound more like an excuse to have ice cream, anyways I got one and I convinced my partner about the same.

I might sound wicked as I am flying around the fairy queens and the boogans. I am sure I will stand along with the leafman to fight for the fairy queen, but at the same time, I would try to save queen Tara too because she is amazing. Maybe I would try to become the queen and stay small in the fairyland, after this experience no one will ever feel like coming back to the normal world. It was so amazing to see and experience these feelings and to understand that we are so close to nature. It was an eye-opener that I can also drive, something which I never expected to happen. So sometimes you just have to believe in yourself, and take a leap of faith🪄.

See you soon with another exciting one!


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