The Second Marriage – Chapter 1

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And finally, she got married for the second time. It was not easy for her as we say it. Ann is a clear example of a girl who was born in an orthodox family, who was raised in a cage and taught about the limitations of being a girl. She had two sisters, both were younger than her. She dreamt of flying high where no one can keep her in a cage. She was quite a talented person but being a girl she had to keep everything to herself and cry in the dark, but she was determined to fly and conquer the horizons. She was good in her academics as well as her music. She started working at a very young age so that she could be independent and keep the focus on her track.

Once she completed her first year of college she started working part-time with her studies, which drained her out at the end of the day but, she was happy because of it. Every day she felt like reaching close to her dream. She was quite happy about the way she has arranged her life even when everyone including her parents were against it. She believed in equal priorities. But her happiness didn’t last long. Now she is 18 and according to her parents she is on her marriage time. She ran away from home to keep a distance from family to keep her safe. But unfortunately she didn’t run too far.

She got married when she was 19, it was not so easy to get adjusted when you are building your life. She went back to college after her marriage and it didn’t feel the same for her. Her life became more caged and her access to her dream became limited. Somehow she completed her engineering, but due to her husbands family customs she was not allowed to study more, or she couldn’t go for a job. And she felt her dream job, she always wanted is now not reachable for her. She realized it with broken heart that she has lost what she was working on. 

She kept herself quite even when pain was screaming out of her lungs. After a whole lot of tears she started smiling when she saw her baby boy after her labor. Seeing him slowly growing up made her realize that she should tell him a story of a brave girl who drew power from her ashes and flew through her dreams. She enrolled for her master’s in a distant university. Even though it was taking a whole amount of her energy to take care of the baby, the house and her studies, she was determined and after 2 years she flew out in flying colors with good scores in her master’s.

She barely had a family life. By the age of 23, she was separated and divorced with a 2 year old kid. She lost everything she earned to the man who married her and she left with empty handed with her son. Nobody came looking for her, she was in distraught. The first thought came to her was to end her life and the kid. But on second thought she decided to call her mom and leave the kid under her parents guidance.


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