Who are “You”?

Photo by Kulbir on Pexels.com

Recently I was listening to a couple of Oprah Winfrey’s interviews, I came across a couple of conversations that included many prominent celebrities. Some talks were really good and some were okay. Among the talks, one talk which inspired me was the talk with the singer Beyoncé. She was really amazing the one thing which she said hit me was ” Have your own life before you become someone else’s wife”. Such a thoughtful statement. Rather than hiding behind our surnames, family names, husband names aren’t we supposed to be something more than that? Isn’t it time to ask that question?

What are you going to tell your kids when they grow up? Rather than becoming a frustrated parent who might say ” I lived for you, I did everything for you without even taking care of my life” isn’t it time to say bye-bye to those statements and start something new for you, where you will find your peace and happiness? Your happiness counts too. I am proud to say people recognize me by my guitar playing, not by any surnames. I do have a very common name which you can find at least 3 in one classroom. So when I grew up, I was treated as a weird kid, I had to take much effort to get attention and to make friends. So maybe because of that I always wanted to do what people would say ” you won’t be able to achieve it”. Where ever I had to step out in embarrassment, I pushed my doors wide open making them realize they missed something precious.

When I finished my 10th, my parents wanted to send me to St. Aloysius college in Mangalore for PCB (Physics, Chemistry, Biology). Even though I had an 80% mark for my 10th, they were not ready to admit me because my parents couldn’t afford the donation. I had to step out with a heavy heart. But time is something that will catch up to you if you work on what you want. When I was working in New Delhi, I got an offer through my friend to be a guest lecturer at St. Aloysius for their visual communication students. When I stepped up I kept my head high and I was so proud of what I have achieved. I was Invited as Audio Engineer and as a Musician, to give them an introduction to how to do broadcast audio and studio mixing for audio. Even after the national award, state award, nothing made me prouder when I stepped into that college.

It is important to bring up your identity and be proud of it. Never think about the fall, if you are not falling that means you are not trying. So be brave in building up an identity. The journey is going to be tough, remember iron is molded in the fire. I am Shilpa the girl who plays Classical Guitar, what is your Identity?

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