Chapter 9

Ann had to work on her after her first marriage, with the second marriage coming next to the door, she was scared to take the next step. And with the first engagement getting dropped she knew it was hard going back home. So she decided to stay in the city during her off days and some time she doesn’t even take a break from her work. So that she doesn’t have to think about anything which is going around here. She met couple of other guys, who got rejected in the first sight, because she believed some people are easy to read. And some of them are too fake and easy to identify their character sometimes with some particular statements of theirs.

Some of them didn’t respect her personal space, Some of them just came running and hugging, even when there is a culture in the city to hug while meeting people, Ann never found it convincing. She promised to keep her cards close until she finds the right one. Because this time she had no intention of getting it wrong. She was scared, but she was worried more for her kid if she go along with the second marriage. Whatever rebel she maybe, through the core she loved everyone which ended up hurting herself more. After couple of coffee time with guys she decided to add one more filter to her marriage proposal. All these time her father was searching for guys with no kids, now they are searching for men who have kids, especially with baby girls.

Ann loved baby girls so much, she used to dress up her baby boy in frocks just to see how good the frock is. Ann had a plan which she had been working out since she got divorced. She badly wanted a baby girl, so if she doesn’t get married, she kept her options up for adopting one girl child. Because deep inside she wanted to be a good mother, a good friend to her kids and she knew her son would be really happy to get a baby sister. She always blamed her for not having a plan for her life earlier, but this time, the rare second chance she got she isn’t ready to lose anything because she hadn’t planned for it. She always wanted to be a cat, so that even from greater height if you fall and when she knew nobody is there to catch her she would land on her 4 feet.

Within a months times she started seeing more guys than she ever met. She started talking to more men, because most of them want to know how she is holding to a male dominant profession. And by asking those discriminating questions most of them directly went to trash bin. She didn’t even gave them one more chance to prove them wrong, because she believed that if someone doesn’t respect her profession and her career, so how can she expect someone to understand what she is building. Ann realized, self- love and being confident are two great powerful things that no one realizes until one day when they needed the most. She prepared herself for the worst. She was scared like most women after the divorce, but she found her lost happiness in building her career and she is not ready to lose it for any man who just met over a coffee, she believed that she deserved the best, And she is getting ready for the best.

It was not all bad in Ann’s life, she had her great and amazing time. She enjoyed her own company, she understood investing on her is the best ever gift she can give herself after all she has been through. She started taking care of her. Ann made her routine for spa, she got herself a personal trainer. She started working out, made herself fit. And being fit made her feel confident, understood her worth. She started gifting herself to keep herself happy. She is clean now, and becoming perfect. But it didn’t last long. This time when she got a new proposal she was even more careful.

Chapter 10