Chapter 8

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She was shocked to hear from her source about Alex. She couldn’t believe her ears how cruel and heartless someone can. Her dad liked Alex so much so that he fixed their engagement and gave his word. Even when Ann asked him to wait, he asked her why to wait when you find something good. She needed a proof so that she can prove to her father that he is not the person who he thinks. But everything worked out so fast that she was unable to handle her parents. Ann had bad argument with her parents and ended up in fight, because they thought she was making baseless claims to avoid marriage.

She felt really bad, even when she is insisted on everybody to wait, nobody listened to her like last time. But Ann was not ready to give up this time. She faced it boldly. She kept her stand and waited till the proof arrived at her hand. One of her colleague helped her to attain all the relevant documents about his past and why he had to drop his career as a pilot. He might have lost it because of his ex- wife, but that is not a excuse to make a mistake of this magnitude and then cover it up for the next marriage. And his relatives might have thought that he might find his way back to life after a new marriage, that is also not an excuse to spoil another person’s career and future.

He had a criminal past and was jailed in an international prison for sometime, and he had a ban on his passport. That was the reason why he was not so interested in moving overseas. He came to the city thrice a month to keep a tab on his lawyer about his case, not about building his new business. And the worst thing is he never planned to say any of these to Ann until she got evidence just a day before their engagement. She was pissed, irritated, and annoyed. She tried telling everyone the same and now she is the bad guy.

Ann walked out of her engagement. She summoned Alex to the city to confront him. He came to the city to settle things with Ann, but she lashed out at him and told him the engagement is not going to happen. He was shocked to hear it from Ann, and he even tried to convince her. But she was not ready hear the person who tried to cheat and jeopardize her future with another marriage. After all Ann believed that marriage is not a solution for loneliness. So she made her decision crystal clear. And she walked back to her office, even though she was sad about it, she faced it strong and courageously. She understood that you might not be a hero in everyone’s story, and its okay to be villain to protect yourself.

But he was persistent, he came repeatedly to meet her, tried talking to her. But she remained persistent in her decision too. She didn’t move a single step out of her line. She made it clear to him the relation is not going to happen. Every time he came to see her he left with the same reply. Nothing changed. And at last he stopped bothering her.

After couple of months Ann received a message in Facebook messenger from a girl asking about Alex, and why she walked out of the engagement. Initially Ann didn’t respond, she just ignored it. But that girl was annoyingly messaging her daily asking the same. And finally one day Ann decided to message her, the girl asked her about Ann’s relation with Alex. Ann stopped her between the conversation, and Ann said, she doesn’t have any relation with Alex, she made clear that she doesn’t have any plans to follow up on the relation and then the girl asked “why”. Ann was very careful with her response, Ann said ” she didn’t feel Alex was the correct person for her” and left all other details. Its not because Ann was scared, it was just because she doesn’t want to be caught up between crossfires or any other accusations.

Ann got back to her usual routine, but phone calls from her home on a decreased rate. It hurts her as well as it hurts her parents, but she decided to keep distance, because she doesn’t want to end up in another quagmire. Ann protected herself inside her shell and that shell kept her safe from demon hands for a long time. Alex is not the only one she got engaged. She got engaged thrice and walked off from those as they didn’t clear her tests and failed during their background checks. It is hard to find a trusting face.

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