Chapter 7

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He was polite, great attitude, and well educated. He worked as Pilot. His story was checked out by Ann. She thought to put everything aside finally and talk to him as her father wanted. So he flew to her work place to have a chat over coffee. Ann spoke to her father after a long time, the day before he arrived, so she could feel all the emotions her father was trying to connect with her. He knew what she has gone through in her past and he wanted to make sure she is in right hands. Ann’s Father was so pleased and happy to hear when she said she will meet the guy. She has already dived in her work so that she doesn’t need to think of what happens next. But with her father’s explanation and a picture sent by her father she thought it might be the right decision for everyone, after all it’s just a coffee.

Lets call him Mr. Alex . After his wife’s death, he never flew as a pilot. But he runs a business near to her work place and he is a usual visitor to the city. He flew thrice in a month between his hometown and the city to manage his business. Ann planned to meet him during her break. Usually she runs for machine parts or for couple of coffees during her break. But on that day after a long time she made time to meet someone to talk and have a coffee with. She got a new dress, of course as she agreed to meet him. She spoke to him twice, once to say a Hi and and the other call to give him direction to her office. Even though he knew the place, she thought it would be like doing her part perfect. She wanted to make sure she did her part perfectly. Alex met Ann’s parents before he left for the city. He told them he enquired about Ann through his friends and everyone who she worked with gave them a positive response about her. So he wanted to move ahead to engagement as soon he come back from the city.

And finally, its the day Alex meets Ann. For her it was just a normal day, she woke up two hours prior to her shift, finished her afternoon routine starting with brushing, yes you heard it right, she woke up by afternoon, because she was watching Iron man for the 100th time in sequel. she is so crazy about her movies. She knows almost all the dialogues of her favorite movies. So when she finished her routine she cooked her dinner, packed it her box and was almost ready for office. She waited for her cab to arrive and then she is at her office when she opens her eyes. She worked for an automobile firm, and she had 2 hours of break in her 12 hour shift. And she thought it was a good deal. She enjoyed working, so she didn’t even care how many hours she worked. Some days she even worked during her break hours. She never felt tired during her work, she was not lazy, Ann was available anytime they needed her to work.

Now its her break time and she knew Alex was waiting outside, but she waited till she finished her work, Ann is not ready to compromise her work for anyone. That’s how important job is for her, always it is her priority. She learnt it the hard way about not having a job and being a dependent in her first marriage. She resigned her job requested by everyone around her, but she ended up in quite a mess the first time. So this time she decided to keep her job as the number one priority. She finished her job and came down to catch up with Alex, but she had a colleague along with her for coffee. She was just scared to meet up alone with some random guy, with whom she spoke only twice. Ann ordered a coffee for both of them, and the conversation between Alex and Ann were brief and crisp. She spoke about her dream of moving abroad to protect her kid and settling overseas.

Alex was not excited to hear about the news of moving abroad. He said he is working on a new business plan, but could expand to overseas. Ann asked about his business, but he didn’t gave her a straight answer. That made her suspicious, so Ann decided to look into him further. On first look he looks amazing, but she wanted more than amazing looks. She wanted someone who can trust, someone who can rely on and someone who would support her with passion. But with his vague answer about moving abroad and about his business, she had to think about it more. So started looking into him from the next moment he left.

It took 4 days to get the details about Alex, the shocking details about his past made her really angry. And she thought how can someone knowingly jeopardize her future ?

Chapter 8

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