Chapter 6

Ann was not always a caffeine addict. Her parents makes really amazing coffee, and they used to have it with snacks when she and her sisters are back from school. Ann is the eldest one, so she treated her sisters as her daughters. She was a wierdo at school, so it became hard for her to make friends at school, but her sisters were never out of friends. She always felt left alone. So she chose to be with her books and her love for movies never made her life bored. 

She had fun in her own terms. It is because of her mom she became a voracious reader. Every time she finishes a task her mom gifted her with a series of books. So she never got bored, and she never felt alone. She was surrounded by her own imagination and her own version of reality and she lived in that shell for a long time. She carried her favorite books to her school. She read those during her recess time. She enjoyed her own company. 

Ann was not a foodie, but while growing up she heard enough bullies as she was lean, so she had loads of food to become fat. Whenever she came from school she ran to her room to keep her bags and the next destination was kitchen to get something to eat and to narrate the entire day to her mom. She didn’t know how to keep a secret, one way or the other the secret will find a way out of her mouth and it will reach her mother’s ears. She was scared of her father. So she never shared her problems to him and he was close to her sisters.

Ann read her books with her coffee late nights, evenings, and whenever she found time. She found comfortable under the table or at the corner of a room for her reading. And she continued her habit of coffee with her books even when was old enough to understand books are not her reality. But she is hesitant to accept that fact.  Her reality was tangled between her books and movies, she loved Iron man for his attitude, Hulk for his power, Captain America for his judgement, Black Widow for her fighting skills. 

She hid behind her world to keep her safe. One of her colleague once said ” Ann you are not alone, you chose to be alone”, and in fact she knew what he said was true, but she did not accept it. She chose to remain in her shell to protect her, moreover she was trying to protect her kid from future torments of being raised by a single parent. She was careful in her every step since she left her home in search for peace and her happiness. She made sure she never ends up in wrong hands again, whenever she felt she is being taken for granted she raised her voice and fought harder than ever. 

But soon Ann realized her fight is not going to end soon and if she take a step back now, everything she built will fall apart. So Ann switched to survival mode. Every day pass by with building the pressure to get married as she is again single. Ann made up her mind only for a love marriage not an arranged one. Every week she met random guys which her parents sent for a coffee or for snacks. And soon it became a part of her entertainment. She made sure those guys ran miles with her attitude and never turned back. 

Every time she went and met a guy her dad got her a new dress. But she learnt more about men with these meetings. Even though 90% of the men said the same story and she never trusted a single one of them. She never found a honest or a trusting face among those. Most of them were caught on the first sight of lie, but for some she had to do some background check to make sure the history never repeats. Ann was introduced to a person by her dad, His wife died of cancer and his was a love marriage. They were in love since they were in 8th grade. Ann’s parents trusted him even before she met him face to face….

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Chapter 7