Chapter 4

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Every time she tries to pull out something from her past, she realized that she worked her ass of for it, and nothing ever came to her as luck or favor. She puts her every drop of sweat to whatever she builds. But no one noticed how much she wanted someone to truly loved her. At one point Ann even believed that true love doesn’t even exists. It exists only in movies and dream fantasies to sell it or to make you forget the reality. Even before her divorce she was flushed in with proposals for the next segment in life. Nobody thought about her feelings and nobody even remembered to ask her opinion on whether she wanted to get married or not. It was always like girls are supposed to get married, end of the story.

Before Ann got her divorce a guy from her work wanted to date her. He was good, handsome, educated and well mannered. Ann was his 5th relationship, and he was open about all these because he said he found 101 reasons to love her even with all her bad torturous past. He was one of her friends, he knew what she was going through. So when he proposed her it was a bit shocker to her, because she never thought of him that way . She wanted him to be her friend. She wanted a shoulder to rely, and someone to care. She was blank when he proposed her. Ann was stuck and blinded with people around her. She told him that she wanted to be friends.

But he was single minded in getting her. 

“Some men” think that when a girl is sharing her personal problems, sometimes all she is need is an ear, or a friend. And that’s just it, nothing more or nothing less. Sharing sob stories does not make a girl weak or she is not asking for ‘seggs’. How can people think something like that ? Ann waited for sometime till her parents came in for a weeks vacation to her place with her kid, even when the time she should enjoy with her kid was easily destroyed by that friend. He brought the issue with her parents and both rejected and like she did, but still he did not understood the word ‘NO’ like i said before. She kept his friendship because they shared a past together.

He was still after her even after all these happened. So Ann decided to talk to his family, she came and spoke to his sister and his sister said “If my brother has decided on something to get it done, he will for sure and you have nothing to worry about” . Ann was not at all convinced by his sister. Because Ann knew the implications are going to be bad on her kid when his parents knew she was a single parent.

Unless you are a celebrity, being a single parent in India is a crime, a crime which should be given capital punishment, that is how people treat you. They always think that its the girls fault. Girls should adjust, they should sacrifice, we are not even given the chance to live our life. We don’t know whom we are getting married and spending our next half of life with. Everything is decided with a cup of Tea or Coffee, which costs 10 rupees locally and 560 rupees in Starbucks. Ann was trying to make everyone understand what she really stood for, she stood for equality, commitment, responsibility, loyalty. She always understood the words in on her own terms, Adjusting and Compromising. She understood the difference between the both way back when she was a kid. And she decided not to adjust for anything or anyone until she conquer what she always needed. 

Ann stood out in the crowd for her attitude and her uptight thinking. So she gave him a chance to tell his parents about her divorce and the kid and he was reluctant to do that, and from that she realized some men needed to be pushed away until you break them . She was never sorry for pushing him so hard to tell his parents about the divorce, because she knows the pain of being cheated and she would never betray anyone for anything. So she pushed him so hard that he never looked her again. Its just like make way ,the Queen has just started.

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