Chapter 20

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This is not just the story of Ann, it is the story of many women who are in their 20’s and early 30’s or women who are going through many proposals. Many might have gone through similar situations or the same situations, but most of them are not ready to stand for them and say ‘ enough is enough. Ann was judged in many frontiers, as she was a divorcee by 23 with a kid and was working in a male-dominated profession, she had her frustration and anger because when she was supposed to fly in good colors like her classmates and enjoy working, Ann was struggling with someone whom she barely knew and was living for someone else by hating herself. Ann from being the most bubbly and talkative person, all sudden changes occurred in her 20’s once she got married. So she doesn’t knowhow to trust people. Her scare was unlimited.

Ann decided to grow above her fears and face them. She started falling sick back to back all of a sudden which was unexpected. She used to have this pain for the past 4 years but it used to disappear immediately when she takes a painkiller. This time the pain near her ribs which radiated around her right side was really bad, she could barely stand and do her work. Initially, she thought she was getting acid reflux, as the pain grew she was taken to the hospital from her office and she didn’t have anyone to stay back with her in case she get admitted to the hospital. She was all alone, as it was the night she didn’t even try and call her parents, though of not disturbing their sleep.

The doctor gave her 5 shots of pain killer, as it was night, they did not have an option of an X-ray or a CT. The hospital had to discharge her as she didn’t have anyone to stay with her throughout the night. She went back home with pain, and the next day evening she was back at the hospital with aggressive pain. One of her Facebook friends was texting and calling her all this while. He was keeping a tab on her. They knew each other for a year and got introduced to each other as they are single parents with boy children and both love fitness, their preference to these and some movies made them close. They spoke more about fitness training and how to be fit and healthy. The nurse came back and gave Ann another pain killer shot, and she asked Ann ” where is it paining?” Ann replied, “it’s paining near my ribs and radiating towards right side back side of the ribs”. She touched and felt something was swollen. The nurse told Ann that her liver and gall bladder has swollen and she needs to undergo surgery as soon as possible.

Ann couldn’t move, she was stuck at that moment. One of her colleagues came with her to the hospital and they informed the office that she needs to get surgery as soon as possible. She controlled her pain and told the nurse that she want to fly back to her hometown for surgery, but the nurse said ” I don’t think you should take the flight, because the air pressure change can make it worse, and it might make it inoperable. But Ann was not ready to do the surgery in the city. All she thought was if it is like an ending, her last wish was to see her son for one last time. So she told the nurse that she will take the risk of flying. She put her life at risk, she carried her favorite belongings with her and she tried to finish everything in her bucket list including a tattoo. She was scared, she knew she is going to face death. Ann was blank. She thought that she is going to carry the pain of not taking care of her son to her grave and she is going to have a restless afterlife, always thinking of her son. Maybe that is what all mothers would do.

She reached her hometown with bad pain ever, she couldn’t even stand straight. She started lumping and walking due to pain. Her sister took her for several tests before surgery. She hid her scare under her anger and made bad jokes. She read a book, watched her favorite show for one last time, and played guitar after reaching home. Everything around her felt so meaningless all of a sudden, the money, the fame, the career which she was holding on to, her guitar everything went blank when they took her for surgery.

Her situation was really bad, after the surgery she was moved to the ICU for 3 days. When she opened her eyes all she could see is several tubes going out and in to her body. When the door was open she expected to see someone from her family, but she saw her friend waiting outside the ICU. She smiled, but due to restrictions not being a family he was not allowed to go in and see her. Soon they brought her to her room. She still couldn’t sit, pee or poop for several days after surgery, She needed help. When her family was not around the man with big muscles and tattoos was there to help her out. She thought for a second ” this guy has seen me in my worst situation and he knew me almost for a year and he is a single parent with a boy child and he loves fitness and has a taste for movies which she like, why not accept his proposal?” He had already proposed her on her birthday, he flew to the city to surprise her and to meet her for the first time. But she kept it on hold as her health worsened. Now she was thinking of saying yes to him.

She didn’t know how good it is going to be, because everyone had one complaint when it comes to Ann taking care of relationships, she doesn’t take an effort to build them up. So this time seeing him around her always in the hospital, maybe this is the guy who is meant for her. So she thought of making an effort. Ann realized life is short in her three days in ICU. The ICU days changed her perception about life and life is short, so she decided to keep it simple this time.

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