Chapter 18

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Ann could hear her scream inside her head when Alex told her the weirdest reason a person can ever say. He said ” his relatives think that Ann wouldn’t be a match for Alex because Ann is a bit dark when compared to Alex and they think that Alex and Ann are not a good match. Because of his relative’s suggestion. She guessed he is not marrying for himself, he is marrying for his family and it is going to be another struggle to please everyone in his family and live a life with him and Alex was not comfortable with Ann’s son. The priest who presided over their engagement said, her son wouldn’t be a good addition to his family. That was her breaking point. she would have accepted anything including how they discriminated over her complexion, but what he and his family said about her son was everything above what she can accept from anyone.

Ann decided not to get married after this incident. She was frustrated and annoyed. She was hurt and she decided not to let anyone take control of her life. Even when she decides all these things she is not able to stop listening to her parents because she loves them more than herself and even when she knew she is going to suffer she feels her parents and her kid is her first priority. Even when she kept a distance from them she never kept herself a priority. She never went for a party or for a site visit. She leaves her home for her work, the supermarket, or shopping which happens once in three months. She made sure she is not attached to anyone. Because she knew if she gets attached and then if they hurt her it will be so hard for her to come back from that point. So she never even tried to know people around her.

With each day passing, she felt more and more comfortable in her shell. She had problems getting her emotions on a stable platform. She is extremist, all her emotions are either zero or to the extreme. That is the same thing when she gets addicted to something. So decided not to get attached to anyone. She kept her cards close. She was feeling alone though, so she started focusing on her work more. Ann eats when she is upset, so she started gaining weight. But after a couple of months, she decided to reduce her weight and started training with her trainer. She wanted to distract her mind and her weight loss training was exactly the thing she needed at that time. She was even scared about getting addicted to weight training workouts, so she kept a tab on herself from time to time.

She just wanted to make sure, she is not going wrong and then regretting it later. That is one thing that happened with Alex. Everything moved so fast because they knew each other, but she never thought of a twisted turn like this. She was embarrassed and frustrated at the same time. She felt comfortable in her complexion, even when her sisters made fun of her when they were young, she never felt it bad. This time when her complexion became an issue, it really had a bad impact on her but she covered it up. Ann felt like she experienced something more terrible than in her previous life. A person who has a problem with her son and her complexion, how is she going to compromise on those, and then please the whole family and ruin the rest half of her life with the wrong person, it felt really bad even when she thought about it. But the recovery from the fall this time was pretty quick because she knew how to deal with depression now.

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