Chapter 17

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She switched off her phone, the one thing she hated the most. Ann hates keeping the phone dead because she always thinks the worst could happen when she is away. So she always kept hold of her phone. She is almost glued to it all the time. She could never resist checking her social media and reading something on google. Her sole company was her phone. If she switched off her phone then everyone around her was quite sure how bad it was. Nobody asked anything about her phone because she kept on swapping from one job to another. She was stressed, pissed about what is happening with her life. She thought she had it control this time because she knew this guy, but when they were kids. She never thought he could turn out to be a monster with degrees.

She was happy for a while at the least. She guessed that is all she deserved to be happy. She felt alone, scared, and frustrated. She lost hope long back about her life, but Alex made her dream again. But everything has gone upside down since he started asking about her work schedule and sending pictures of her office schedules, then calls during her work time, and unnecessary questions about when she stays back at the office to finish her work. Initially, she didn’t feel it as a burden, but gradually it started becoming like torture. And he started doing the same on an aggressive note, that is when she switched off her phone. She couldn’t concentrate on her work. she couldn’t eat or go to the washroom peacefully. She became tired.

When Alex couldn’t get hold of her via her phone, he immediately called her father who was in deep sleep, and then his relatives from all around the globe started having an opinion on her character as aggressive, arrogant, and whatnot. A girl will always be judged irrespective of what the man does. She was judged for having bad character. Her dad called up her office phone and told her that Alex and his family is trying to get hold of her, and asked her to talk. She was annoyed by the fact that her father called her middle of the night and middle of her work. She didn’t know what else to do. She felt like she has been cornered by everyone. nobody was willing to listen to her, she felt helpless.

She switched her phone on, immediately she received a call from Alex. Instead of apologizing, he started yelling at her and how his whole relatives and family around were trying to get her. He was talking all about himself and his relatives. He never ever managed to talk about how is she feeling and how bad is it to call her dad in the middle of the night and trouble him. Ann just felt she and her family became irrelevant in his whole conversation. When she tried to ask him once he stopped talking, he said” that is not the point” which made her angry more. She felt like she was losing, her temper. What he said next really made her mad and that was the verge of the end.

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