Chapter 16

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She liked every conversation with him. It became easy to talk to him. She spoke to everyone around him. They became more and more close by every single day. They planned for their wedding. He flew from US to India just for the engagement. She prepared herself to flew to US. Even though she didn’t even thought of getting married soon, but it all happened so fast. But this time she felt she was ready. She knew the guy when both of them were kids. She wasn’t scared this time. Her parents were happy hearing her decision. Ann and her kid was happy that, they finally get to have a baby girl, for him a sister and to have a perfect childhood for him.

She focused on everyone’s needs before hers and she didn’t know what she was missing it till one day. She flew down to her hometown to see him and he reached airport after an hour of her arrival. They met. they hugged and she felt they had a spark in their eyes. She was happy and relieved to see him. She told her colleagues that she was going to get married to a person she knew when she was a kid. Her happiness had no limit. She was excited for her engagement. After two engagements dropped, she expected a lot from this relation. From airport with him and his parents they left to his place. She was stressed that her parents were not there. As their parents knew before, they didnt want to waste another time chasing some one unknown over for marriage. Everyone was optimistic about their relationship. She looked at her parents and it seemed like they were the proud parents of the bride.

The engagement was supposed to be small, because, Ann is not comfortable with people around her. It makes her heart beat fast and more confused. The engagement had a really good crowd. She was worried, tensed and all she could was her breathing throughout the whole ceremony which was held at his home. Her parents and her kid were among the attendees, they were smiling and she was happy to see them smile. The priest who presided over the ceremony had no idea of who she is and what she had gone through but he passed on an insecurity to the groom (Alex). He said if she is working over with automobiles and she works all night shifts it would not be a good idea to get married to a woman who works all night and is a workaholic. When he told her what the priest told him, she was furious and angry. She didn’t say a word. She left immediately the next day his mom left for the US. She knew she was troubled and she knew he was not the right one. Because before getting engaged he was so proud of her profession and how she was brilliant in it. But it takes only one person’s insecurity to ruin it all over again.

All Ann thought and planned was to live a happy life with her profession and her career. And now it seems impossible. But she was not getting ready to give it up. She decided not to quit her job for someone else Unless that is what she wanted. She made it clear when he disrespected her job and her passion for her job. But again after an engagement, she thought it would be fine when they get married. But day after day it was getting worse, until one day she switched off her phone to get away from his texts and calls.

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