Chapter 15

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Another day, another problem to face that was the task for Ann these days. Attending calls, talking about her past, and then listening to their crappy stories and going to work and then coming back to sleep. It became her routine. She forgot everything else around her. Once in a while when she feels she gained weight she either goes for a walk or a run and gets some fresh air. She was not good with her social skills. Gradually Ann even forgot to smile. All she hears is depressing or fake stories from unknown men most of the time. She was very clear this time about her decision. She was not ready to get married to some random guy. All she asked with most of them was time. Which no one had. It was annoying after some time.

Dressing up and going for meetings has always annoyed her. Sometimes Ann used to think if she would have had a childhood friend or a classmate that fell in love with her then it would have made her life so easy. But she was not ready to fall in love either, that is the worst part. She knew what was wrong with her and she knew she had to fix it, but she didn’t know how to fix it. A girl who was asked to look 100 steps ahead of her, so for her falling in love was too hard because she became an overthinker. And it caused her to lose all her peace and happiness left in her by the time she became twenty-five. Life is all about expectations and Ann didn’t have much to expect from her life. She didn’t care but Ann just faced it anyway.

It was hard for her to make a decision, every decision took a toll on her. She was helpless most of the time, her family, her kid, her job, her family reputation, etc and something or the other was in front before making any decision. She was not happy with every decision she made, but she lived with it anyway. She spoke to many, all she had was more and more bad days, nothing changed, except her friendship with Amazon. He was the only anchor holding to the reality. Rest all the time she was flooded with her emotions and traveling in her own mind space and most of the time she didn’t know how to come back from that point and it became always Amazon’s job to bring her back. He spoke to her for 8 hours and he even missed his sleep talking to her. But he never avoided her saying he was busy and he always made time for her, without even asking a question he was there for her and that is what friends would do and she realized it at that point.

Ann started talking to one of her known Sunday school friends. She was happy to hear him she was his dream girl and stuffs like that. I am sure any girl would be happy to hear all those boosting. He was also a divorcee, with a girl child. He had moved to the US when they were kids. She was happy to get connected with her old friends who know her and who can understand the new version of Ann. They started talking for hours and hours. She felt the time was moving so fast. She told Amazon about him and he was the happiest of them all. He just asked her to be careful, because he know how much hurt she was and how much she can bear more. She started talking with the baby girl, it made her happy. She looked good in frocks and she was beautiful. The baby’s smile made Ann fall for that man more and more. She felt he was the right one. But he asked her first ” How about we get married?” and at that moment, even though she thought about asking him first, she was stuck and she didn’t know how to answer it for a moment.

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