Chapter 14

He was more than a friend to her, he became her family. She talked all her problems to her faceless friend. She spoke to him about her first marriage, divorce, and her current parents’ hunt for the groom. Both of them discussed the guys she spoke to, her daily workload, and her problems with her family. He was always there to help her and to finalize her decisions. He helped her when she felt the decisions were complicated. He was a great listener, moreover, he was the amazing gift which she received over years. They don’t need any topic to talk to for over 10 hours. Nothing stopped them from talking, not even their worries. It was Ann who named him Amazon. Over the years she even forgot his real name. She named him Amazon after seeing someone like him on an amazon ad. Ann never imagined how Amazon blended in her life.

So they decided to meet. Ann was traveling to her hometown and thought to take a stop in between to meet Amazon. He was tall, at least more than she expected. She felt like a dwarf in front of him. He was a fair, but hairy kinda person, with long hair, beard, and mustache. She was so happy to finally meet him. Everyone at the railway station was staring at them. They both were laughing and having fun. People might have thought both of them had lost their minds. But all Ann felt was happiness and peace. He got her a water bottle and a packet of chips when she boarded her train and waved her back. They both had a wonderful time, at least Ann had an amazing time with her best friend. This is the first time Ann tagging someone as her best friend.

She never felt so close to anyone before. She didn’t need to be scared to open up. She can call him any time. She can talk to him about anything. There were no limits for the topics. She irritated him to the core, annoyed him, called him names, but he was still there when Ann needed help. She understood the meaning of friend for the first time. He didn’t judge her for her bad past. he didn’t judge her for being a workaholic. He didn’t expect anything in return. He is the perfect example of a best friend. She used to yell at him when she gets pissed off, he helped her think during her anger. He made sure she didn’t make decisions on her anger, or any other emotion indeed. He made sure Ann was calm and cool before she slept. Some days she called during the late nights when she felt alone to talk. he would be in deep sleep, but still, he never avoided her, he picked up the call and will try to talk but he used to sleep during the call, which eventually the next day she will yell at him.

He stood by her, in ups and downs. Once when she had to take a hotel room all alone and spend a night to get a document from her ex, Ann wasn’t sure whom to call for help. Amazon understood her situation. Before she could ask for help he offered to be there and he arranged a place for her to stay for the night at his friend’s place. But she said no to it because she was hesitant to stay with an unknown family. So immediately his next course of thinking went on how to make her comfortable. So he drove himself to the location and waited at the gate of the hotel till the sun was up and gave her a chatting time over the phone. She knew their friendship was something way beyond her understanding.

With everyone, Ann had her trust issues, but with him the talks were smooth, the chats made her calm. All both of them looked for was happiness. He was the first person to whom Ann would discuss all her marriage proposals, and plans on how she is going to meet them. And on how to even question them. He helped her understand how men think and their friendship made Ann stronger with every decision. He knew what would make her happy, sad, and angry. But all he did was to take a good effort to understand her from her shoes, nothing more. That was more than enough for her. Because she realized no one has taken that risk of taking the effort to maintain a good relationship with her. The friendship of Ann and Amazon proved that a girl and a boy can remain friends forever. They are the best.

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