Chapter 13

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Ann barely had any time for her friends as she was busy with her two bachelor’s and her part-time job. But some of them made time for her. Even when the college was crowded with boys and a girl, some understood Ann’s concept of being equal. It was hard to find people with her wavelength. She knew it would take a lot of hard work and effort to maintain a friendship. So she never tried to maintain anything with her classmates but some of her batchmates knew she was different and her attitude was perfect. They stood with her even when she did some mistakes and when she needed someone the most. It was not a perfect college life for her, at least not the one she dreamt of. It was filled with gossips, pains, tears, hospitals, field trips, internship, and all.

She kept herself busy then as she kept doing the same till now. Even when she knew she is missing all the fun of a teenager, nothing pulled her back from proving to her parents that her choice was the best and she excelled in what she did. She completed her both bachelor’s with great scores. She was never a party type and she kept herself away from gatherings. Ann felt she might never fit into the crowd and might again feel the odd one vibe. So she was finding anything and everything to keep herself busy so that she never needed to face her fears. But her friends made time for her. They found time to have lunch together. So she began to cook for lunch usually, she ate at her canteen. Her friends made fun of her lunch in the beginning as it tasted like half-cooked, but gradually she began to improve in her cooking skills. Soon she learned to cook biriyani. She did a couple of trials before taking it out for lunch. And finally, when she felt it was perfect she gave it to her friends. Even though they didn’t believe it in the beginning, finally they had to keep their swords down and accept her as a good cook.

Ann learned everything on her own. She is a perfect example of a “self-made person”. When she got married for the first time, she had no other option left on her table other than move out from her comfort zone and start again. She had to start from scratch, but that didn’t stop her. Nobody can blame her for going dark for two and half years after her marriage. That was the amount of pressure she was dealing with in that relationship. She didn’t know whom to ask for help, moreover, she didn’t know how to handle being married. She kept her silence long as two and a half years. But soon she felt enough is enough. and that’s how she finally reacted.

It was surprising for her friends to receive a call after her divorce and when she told them its over, I guess they sounded happy and relieved because they knew how suffering her life was. They knew he was not the one meant for her, and they tried telling her several times. But in all those instances she kept her marriage close and friends away when one day she realized she lost the most amazing friends of all time. They started building their friendship back, brick by brick. Not every day they spoke, but when they spoke the calls were long and filled with jokes. She enjoyed her time being alone. She started getting addicted to her new norm of being alone after her divorce.

After saying ‘NO’ to Nicks Ann was desperate to talk to someone, that’s when she found Amazon. She found a new friend. It was at the most unexpected time both of them got introduced to each other. They met in a comment box on Facebook when they were arguing about something controversial. Ann never knew Amazon would become a great addition to her life. He was perfect for her life. Ann found herself different around him. She annoyed him, irritated him, disturbed him in sleep. But he never avoided her, didn’t stop picking her call. He was always there to talk. He was her friend without a face, until one day.

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