Chapter 12

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It was hard declining him. But she believed in her when nobody did and in her heart she knew what she did was right and she knew she is never going to regret saying NO to Nicks. But Nicks didn’t stop there. He kept his contact with her parents especially her dad. He really liked him, she could say that by seeing her fathers smile on a picture taken when both of them met. But being nice to her parents is different from treating her good. Ann decided no more adjustments in her future, She is ready to make compromises. But no more adjustments she repeated herself many more times so that she never forget what happened in her past. Distance between her family and her widened with this proposal. More than the last. She barely receives a call from home. She couldn’t talk to her son. She missed him so much so that she couldn’t explain it to anyone and she didn’t know to whom she should talk.

So her usual pattern was to dive into something new to keep her nerves up and running. But this time she decided she is not going to any addictions, she is going to learn more about her job. Ann decided to avert all her power towards doing online courses and stuff so that she can migrate to some other country with her kid. She started doing courses, spending time in Netflix and then her work. This was her love triangle. Every day she kept her homework up so that, she never have a free time to think about what is going around her. She know she is a mess, but she doesn’t want to stay a mess forever.

Nicks tried to contact her couple of times. She avoided his call and his messages, because she is scared that it might hurt her. But one fine day , when she was walking towards her office gate, she saw Nicks waiting for her. He came to the city to talk to her and to convince her about the marriage. But she was so stubborn in her decision. She said, Nicks will never understand what she is trying to achieve and what her plans on upbringing her child. So she made her statements clear again and again and asked Nicks to stop following her. And she told him she had no plan in changing her mind.

For Ann it is tough to take decisions, but once she has made up her mind then there is nothing can change her from that. That is how the same way she got into her college. during her time it was really less girls who got admitted to an automobile polytechnic college. Boys were the majority, she got in because she was smart and seeing her passion and dedication maybe the chairman might have thought of giving her a chance. She worked hard to get through her interview and her written exam. Her parents wanted her to become a doctor, but she jeopardized it to become an engineer. Even though initially she regretted about choosing engineering, but with all these happening with her Ann was really happy and proud to be an engineer. She found her own space between men. She worked along with them. She made sure nobody sidelined her for her gender. She did the same amount of work boys did. She never gave them an excuse to treat her as a girl.

She made very few friends in her college. Some of them still keep contacts her. She is happy with the quality of friends she made rather than the quantity. She was a tom boy in her college. She dressed like a boy, with a high pony, she never wore make up apart from kajal, which she is obsessed with since she was a kid. She was good in her studies, her attitude was nothing less to be treated equal. Initially she made some bad choices and some bad friends as she had trouble handling with language. But in six months she found solution to her problem with language. She was busy with her two bachelors, so she didn’t get enough time to make friendship bonds. But some among them valued her for what she is and kept them close as they understood her worth.

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