Can “Love” be wrong?

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When my husband told our 9-year old that her aunty has a kid who is 8 years old, we never knew how far she would think. And, until she asked the questions we never realized she was growing. We never realize how fast our kids grow. A year can do a lot, but sometimes weeks can be faster than a year. We were walking towards our library one day, and she started asking questions about the little brother. So I was answering them, how a little woman should hear them. The way she asked each one of those questions was cute and at the same time mature. She had already searched almost all the questions in google and to make it more clear that is where I came in to answer them.

Almost all her questions were straight, nothing covered up. She asked me did aunty had a little brother with women or a man. When I heard it for the first time, I was a bit shocked. I replied her little brother was with a man not with a woman. Then I went on explaining there is no wrong in being with a woman and having a baby. It is up to us when we grow up. She is already used to the environment of gay parents having multiple kids. So it was comparatively easy to explain it to her. And I told her “Love” is never wrong, and all forms of love is fine, until you decide what is good for you and bad for you. It is all your decision when it come to being in love and being loved. It is your choice and given the opportunity to choose you should choose carefully.

So here I would like to ask the other parents who read my blog isn’t it time to accept love in all colors, or how long are we going to maintain that these things are not happening around. And how long are we going to avoid the conversation with our kids about love? Shouldn’t we accept all forms and colors of love and stop discriminating against them? Isn’t it our job to teach them what is right and what is wrong and give them the freedom of choosing between the two, or are we just going to be one of those pushy parents? Think before you do, those little eyes are watching you, thinking that you are making all the right moves and going to follow you one day.

These conversations are not bad. They will find people to talk about these throughout the net. They will find information about these, unedited forms of information. So unless we talk to them when they are ready, it might do more bad when we avoid those. They grow up so fast, they are not our babies anymore, they are little men and women. Don’t worry about them making mistakes, they learn from their mistakes. But be ready to catch them when they fall. Make them great, teach them “Love” is not wrong and It is your choice in love, whatever and whomsoever says otherwise is wrong.

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