What does a ‘Feminist’ mean? and Who is a Feminist?

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Does feminism mean you can torture men with any women’s rights or with your women’s empowerment group? then you have the wrong idea of Feminist. Feminist doesn’t mean you are above men. It means we stand for equality; it means we wanted to be treated as same as men. It means we want equal workspace, equal salaries, and everything equal. Nobody should take advantage of or take us for granted of us because we have a pair of boobs and a vagina. We do not want to be treated special. Other than having different genital organs there is not much difference between men and women. Don’t treat us as if we are weak.

A woman who harasses her husband by filing a false accusation against him, tortures him, and then fights for his money and then drains him off and then portrays herself as feminist and saying she is fighting for her rights, does this really sound like a feminist? Being born as a man or woman is nobody’s fault. But getting treated like a victim only happens with women. Has anyone heard of a male victim or anyone even considered men are also wrongly convicted because women portray them wrongly? Have we ever thought from all the perspectives? Isn’t it time we start thinking about it? A victim is always a victim irrespective of gender.

Being feminist doesn’t mean I am going to fight for a fried fish, or I pick and choose the cases that would give me media attention. And repeatedly saying ‘Being a woman I have had a lot to suffer, also sounds like an excuse when you cannot fight back, and it sounds lame. Every gender has its own problems and sufferings, with women I do appreciate the struggle they take in building up a family and bringing up kids, but using these amazing things just to win a fight or an argument doesn’t make you a feminist. When a woman portrays these beautiful life experiences into an argument to win a fight, knowingly or unknowingly it affects the women who don’t even support it, and this leads to unnecessary tagging.

A Feminist doesn’t always have to be a woman. It can be a woman, a man or a transgender. It’s about how you think above boobs, vaginas and penises. These are not the guidelines of being a feminist. Me and my husband are feminists. We treat each other equally. We cook together, take care of our kids equally, do everything equally. So why is it so tough to think that way. Don’t you think our kids should start learning about how to treat everyone equally. Shouldn’t we start it from our home? Aren’t parents responsible for how their kids think?

This is how we change the world. It should be our next step. Building up future means, we should be able to make realize how important it is to be treated equally. And above all these being respectable to each other would solve a lot of problems. Be friendly, and keep calm. Life is simple so keep it simple.

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